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    Turbo 7 Card Stud V4 for Windows
    Create players with individual playing styles. Play against 2 to 8 players. Use high speed simulation for hand analysis. Get advice and exact odds as you play. Set limits, bring in method, bet amounts, rake, toke, etc. Challenge the best computer player.
    Wilson Software
    Our Price:
    $ 59.95
    List Price:
    Click here to buy

    Extensive statistics and play evaluation. Optional bring-in, peek, and replay. Custom Hand Analyzers are built into each of the Turbo Poker games. The results are quite different from those obtained using "dumb" simulation techniques. In a real game, players bet, call, raise, reraise, fold, etc. based on the value of their hands, the nature of the board and their playing style. All of the Wilson Turbo games do this as well. The computer players act like real players. The results are much more accurate than analyzers which have no betting or folding.

 - Software | Turbo 7 Card Stud V4 for Windows